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Optimising the energy switch experience

Project Summary

I joined the weflip squad as the design lead to assist them with improving the way we currently explain what energy auto switching does and the benefits it has for all users.

Problem Statement

Weflip needed to enforce its proposition further in order to become the leading energy switching company. The were also key areas missing from the existing platform such as a portal for users to amend their preferences.

Design Solutions

I used various research tools to find what users were doing on different areas of the weflip journey.

Attention heatmap homepage Example from sessioncam.


From the research, I fleshed out various wireframes to help pitch improvements to wider team and stakeholders.

Example homepage wireframe with annotations of improvements
Example homepage wireframe with annotations of improvements


Id translate and iterate  high fidelity mock ups based on the wireframes. This was an ongoing process.

Weflip hero
Weflip checklist module
User verbatims module

The portal was designed to allow customers to effectively change their preferences whilst keeping on brand.

Weflip portal tabs